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Hackers actively exploiting bug irresponsibly disclosed by Google employee

June 16, 2010

Microsoft confirmed that hackers are actively exploiting a flaw in Windows XP irresponsibly disclosed by a Google security researcher last week.  The Google employee notified Microsoft of the security flaw and then in a surprising move posted a step by step tutorial on how to exploit the flaw 5 days later.  It is customary to give companies a 30 day notice before disclosure.

Unfortunately because of the short notice, Microsoft is still working on a fix for the problem.  All systems running Windows XP are susceptible to the flaw.  All that is necessary to become infected is to merely visit a site hosting the attack code… no downloading or installing is required.

Microsoft has provided a temporary fix that will disable the vulnerable portion of code.  It is expected that Microsoft will issue the corrective fix in their July update.


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